Advocacy: When Speaking Up REALLY Matters

Type: Webinar Recordings
Price: $30.00


Join PANO and your colleagues to learn about current issues that are moving forward at the federal and state levels. Discover language and tools that you can use when talking about your cause to your elected and appointed officials. And finally, learn the basics about how to track the time you spend lobbying for your cause.

Participants will discuss:

  • The basics of lobbying
  • Current federal and state issues
  • How to get requests to one page or even one paragraph
  • Relationship-building basics with elected officials
  • Bridging political divides

The good news: you only have to be yourself and tell the story you already know, AND you can do in partnership with others who only want the best for your community.


Once you have purchased this webinar, you will be emailed the link and password to access the video. The login credentials will go to the email that you list when you checkout. If you have any questions, please contact PANO’s Administrative Coordinator, Casey Colsher, at or 717-265-9387.

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