Our New Normal Series – Energy Excavation: Releasi

Type: Webinar Recordings
Price: $30.00


Are you leading your life by intent or default? Are you “waiting for the other shoe to drop” or are you building your own shoe store? Are you riding the rollercoaster or is the roller coaster riding you? Who’s in charge? And how do you excavate your most valuable resource – your personal energy?


Research finds that the higher your overall energy level is, the more successful and fulfilled you’ll be. Small shifts create seismic results. This workshop introduces participants to the concepts of an energy mindset.


How do you manage life’s highs and lows? How do you “show up” as a leader? How can you harness your energy for crazy confidence and remarkable results? How can you detox a toxic team?


Here are a few examples of how high-voltage, up-spiral energy impacts leaders:

  • Generate more enthusiastic about their role and responsibilities
  • Improve your communication impact as receiver and sender
  • Deploy feedback as a force for good
  • Become a people developer extraordinaire
  • Get intentional about your responses to the emotions and stress levels of others
  • Motivate, inspire, and boost the energy of others
  • Be an opportunity ninja by Improving your ability to address challenges openly
  • Ignite positive change in others


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